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Florida Video Production Experts Touch on the Latest, Head-Spinning Trends

Florida Video Production Experts Touch on the Latest, Head-Spinning TrendsIn early June 2016, Florida video production experts and others gathered for the annual StreamMarket conference. On the list of topics was content creation and social media platforms, of course. Along the lines of content creation, people were talking about 360-degree videos, flicker-free lights and stackable cues. Understandably, our video production crew is always interested to learn about new camera equipment. So, we took note of the 360-degree cameras being discussed as well as the platforms where such footage is welcome.

There are a number of commercial camera manufacturers who are producing 360-degree video equipment for professionals. Some of the manufacturers rely on computational photography and others prefer traditional stitching. The majority of the models are capable of three-dimensional work but there are 360-degree video cameras with four-dimensional capabilities as well (e.g. Sphericam). And sure, there are a few toying with the release of consumer models (e.g. Lenovo) too.

Our Florida video production team already uses three-dimensional graphics to create animated productions. And of course two-dimensional graphics are no problem either. So why not speak to us directly about those video capabilities and others? We’re sure that our existing equipment is quite capable of producing all the video content one needs to make a big splash on current, social media outlets. For example, As it stands, both YouTube and Facebook welcome Florida video content filmed with 360-degree cameras. And according to The Verge’s Nick Statt, Twitter isn’t far behind.

Thus, now is really the time for companies to begin soliciting assistance from Florida video production companies willing and able to set viewers’ heads spinning full circle. Our company in particular has the ability to offer all the assistance one needs in that regard. To discover more and prepare for fall campaigns, please reach out to our Florida video production experts at Vistamax now 813-907-1010.