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Florida Video Crews’ 5 Tips for Making Short, Sharable Clips

Florida Video Crews’ 5 Tips for Making Short, Sharable Clips

Today, an increasing number of businesses are looking to expand their online marketing with the use of short video clips. More often than not, those clips are later shared on social media sites via apps like Vine. So today, our Florida video crews wanted to disclose a few clip making tips:

Short and Sweet

Remember, many of the video clips making the social media rounds via apps like Vine are a mere 6 seconds. Thus, you’ll need to be very precise about what you want to communicate. And that often takes a serious amount of advance planning. Sketch out a storyboard, or at the very least, a bulleted hit list. Then stick to it like peanut butter on a log.

Follow the Rules

To relay additional information, encourage views to “stay tuned” or suggest that they visit one of your other sites (e.g. YouTube) for access to longer content. Just make sure that making the request doesn’t violate the video clip app company’s terms of service. Some understandably discourage the use of click through or redirection videos.

Steady Freddy

Our Florida video crews also can’t stress enough the importance of keeping the camera steady. So depending on the situation, a tripod, dolly or stabilizer mount may be needed.

See the Light

Another thing that our Florida video crews would like to make clear is the value of using the right lighting. Thus, it may be necessary to shoot your video clips indoors as opposed to outside. As long as the setting looks great too, no one watching the clip should be the wiser.

Now Hear This

Lastly, some video clip sharing services do not let users alter sound files. So it’s not always possible to count on fixing audio problems during post production. That said, it may be necessary to use noise filters and other audio equipment to make everything sound great from the get go.

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