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Direct Response TV

Direct Response TV

Boosting Sales with Direct Response TV


Since most companies selling products have numerous competitors, it is necessary for them to be creative in their marketing strategies. Direct response TV (DRTV for short) provides a novel and effective way to reach more potential customers and increase sales. A commercial which is aired along with a number for over-the-phone sales is also likely to increase retail sales, since it creates greater product awareness. There are various lengths for DRTV, from one-minute and two-minute shorts to longer infomercials.



Developing a Direct Response TV Advertisement


If you have a product to sell and you feel you need to diversify your marketing approach, a direct response TV advertisement can be created easily with the help of a professional video production company. Your production agency can take care of every stage of development, from script-writing to casting, graphic design and more. Direct response formats are also useful for charity specials where people are able to phone in and contribute to a cause. If you need a DRTV solution, head over to for a quote.