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Cutting and Pacing Your Film with Post Production in Tampa

Cutting and Pacing Your Film with Post Production in TampaWhether you’re making a TV commercial, an infomercial, a documentary or any other type of video, you’re going to need post-production in Tampa. Of course, it is important to have a script, get good actors and shoot the film. But the film really only comes together in the post production stage.

This is where you get to decide which shots you’re going to use and which ones you’re going to throw. You get to decide how many seconds of each shot you want to keep. You get to pick the right angles, work on the sound, add a voiceover or music, put in the graphics and effects, color grading, etc. A film is never truly made until it goes through this post production process.

Cut Whatever Is Unnecessary

Most filmmakers shoot a lot more than they’re going to use. But you need to know exactly how long your commercial, infomercial or documentary is going to be. Don’t go over that length. This is the time to be ruthless. Sit down with your post production team and tell them everything that has to go to begin with.

Moving from One Shot to Another

Although you want to keep your video down to a certain length, there’s also something to be said for giving people the time to absorb what is being said or done. There are definitely certain videos (such as music videos) which cut from one scene to another very quickly. But these are videos in which you don’t have to pay attention to what the person is saying.

In a commercial, by contrast, you often need to hear the words that the actor is saying to you. So give them the time to finish saying what needs to be said in a clear fashion. Give your audience a moment to take in the panorama you are presenting before them. If you’re setting up a scene, give your viewers a chance to take in the atmosphere. Pace your film well in the post production process

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