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Captivate Customers With Business Video Productions

Captivate Customers With Business Video ProductionsIn today’s world, there are many opportunities to promote your small business. With advancement in technology, you have all the tools readily available. Providing video content is one way in which you, as a business, can effectively connect with potential customers. Videos captivate viewers no matter where they are in the buyer’s journey. Here are 3 types of business video productions that will delight buyers who are in the awareness stage of the journey.



When buyers are in the awareness stage, they are researching for information. They may be searching out information because they plan to buy in the near future, and they want to see what different companies have to offer. By providing informational videos about how your product works, what types of products you offer, and general information about the industry, you can help sway them over to your company.


Establish your company as a reliable source

Some people who visit your website don’t actually need the item you are selling right at the moment. However, they anticipate a need in the near future. For example, they may have an appliance that is 20 years old but still functions. They are deciding when and if to replace it. Video content that consistently delivers reliable content will help gain their trust. So, when it comes time to make that big purchase you will be top of mind.



Providing a series of video testimonials has the ability to solidify the trust of viewers. Well-produced video testimonies bring power to the screen and have the ability to convince that person on the fence. In addition, it encourages trust in your brand.


By providing high-value video content, you can see an increase in traffic to your website. In addition, business videos are a sure way to convert more prospects to buyers. At Vistamax, we are dedicated to superior video productions for your business. Connect with us today for more information!