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Beleaguered Publishers Turn Towards Direct Response TV Production for Help

Beleaguered Publishers Turn Towards Direct Response TV Production for HelpWhen was the last time that you grabbed a magazine? No, we’re not talking about using your Nook to read digital content online. We mean a real magazine, the glossy paper kind that’s traditionally held in the hands. According to statistics shared by industry giants like The Association of Magazine MediaFortune and Statista, chances are it’s been a while.

Although the format remains popular with some, many consumers are flipping the switch. They’re still purchasing subscriptions but turning to publishers’ online content instead of older formats for redemption. In response, national publishers are turning towards direct response TV and television celebrities in the hopes that it will stem the tide of print defectors. For proof, check out this October 2017 article, which appeared on Media Post.

The article mentions television celebrity, James Corben. Corben and Jimmy Kimmel are just two celebs who’ve joined this growing, direct response TV trend by serving as spokesmen. It’s a smart move considering statistics published by respected sources, including the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, have consistently shown that such measures are largely effective. So if you are a Tampa publisher hoping to increase market share, should you do it too?

At Vistamax®, we can help you make that determination. Our direct response TV team is well-versed in the use of celebrity endorsements and customer testimonials. We’re also up on the innovative ways other industries are pairing live steams, special events and social media to round out their celebrity endorsement related content. Can anyone say Jessie J and McDonalds?

Accordingly, we can assist publishers with shooting direct response TV ads as well as the creative accouterments that may compliment them. To learn more about launching a modern, multifaceted, DRTV strategy with the best in digital audio-visuals, please contact our Vistamax® Headquarters in Central Florida today.