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4 Terms You Need To Know Before You Buy Ads

4 Terms You Need To Know Before You Buy AdsBuying advertising can be confusing, so here is a list of terms that will help you buy like a pro!


In marketing, reach represents people.  Reach is an important concept because every business wants more customers. An easy way to get more reach is by adding more channels to your advertising purchase. Every channel has loyal viewers, so the more channels you buy, the more customers reach for your business. And if one channel is smaller than another – it doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying. Smaller channels cost less. So per person reached…you’re not paying extra…but you are reaching more people. That’s reach.


Frequency represents the number of times a person is exposed to an ad message. Frequency is important because very simply, people forget. So as frequency increases, imaging, and top of mind awareness increase for your business as well. If your competition is building frequency and you aren’t, your business WILL lose imaging. Remember too, that frequency counts across different mediums. When a person sees the TV ad, hears the radio ad, and sees the ad on the side of a bus…that’s building frequency…across mediums. Frequency is required to cut through the clutter. That’s Frequency.

The Message

It is said that up to 75% of the success of advertising is the message. You can reach the right people, at the right time, on the right medium, but if the message isn’t good, it’s not going to cut through. And in today’s crowded sea of brands, businesses, and messages…an ineffective message is wasted money. The message – or the creative, is art. Its choosing words, delivery, voice, music, a setting, and painting pictures that connect. Think… (McD)”dada da da da”, and “plop plop fizz fizz”.That’s why the message is so important. It sticks in the customers head long after it’s over…so when they need “it”, they think of your business- FIRST. That’s the Message.


In marketing, especially today, businesses talk impressions. An impression is one consumer exposed to one message.  Impressions are added like math- so although one person exposed to an ad 100 times is technically equal to 100 people exposed to a single ad once, we all know that that does not represent the same potential success. Measurement of an impression is also not the same. Exposure to a web ad for one second counts as an impression- but think about it…of the last 100 ads you were exposed to on the internet, how many can you even remember? So know what is comprised of your ad impressions. Any business can buy impressions. But the only impression that matters, is the one your business makes on the customer. That’s impressions.

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