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4 Steps to Create a Knockout Corporate Video

4 Steps to Create a Knockout Corporate VideoMany marketing managers have steered clear of corporate videos because the ones they’ve seen are little more than digital brochures—but the most effective corporate videos are far more than that.  They provide a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their strengths, highlight their products and services and polish their brands.

Creating a knockout video for you company means working with a video production company which will take the time to understand your business and your specific marketing objectives.  The best production companies will combine creativity with advanced technology to create a compelling and visually stunning portrait of what you do better than any of your competitors—and they’ll understand the rules of engagement which lead to a superior product, including the following 4:

1.  Start with a smart plan:  your video starts with a great script—a great script is like the GPS in your car, a clear set of directions which takes viewers from point A to point B.  Winning video scripts understand their audience, maintain a focused message, and include details like the best camera angles, music, sound effects and, when appropriate, animated or multimedia content.  Generally, the script, and your video, will be relatively short—2 or 3 minutes—making a compelling statement decisively and confidently.

2.  Be collaborative:  video production is a collaborative process.  The best production companies know video, but you know your business.  The production company which flies in and tells you they know better than you who your customers are and how best to sell your products and services is one you probably don’t want to work with.  Be prepared to share your opinions with the professionals who are creating your corporate video.

3.  Shoot for professional production:  you don’t have to break the bank to create a winning video, but you do have to insist on the highest production value possible.  That means the audio needs to be clean, graphics need to work seamlessly with other content, and actors (if you use them) have to be credible and trustworthy.  If you’re creating a television commercial, it has to be visually stunning, capture the viewer’s attention within the first 5 seconds, and deliver a consistent, memorable message.

4.  Focus on distribution:  how your video will be distributed is among the most crucial factors to consider before you begin shooting.  As noted above, there are different video standards for different distribution channels, such as TV, social media or conferences.  Discuss your distribution plans in your very first meeting with the production crew.


The most critical decision you make when creating your corporate video is the production company which will create it for you—and there’s a simple way to choose an outstanding company.  The best companies will emphasize, from the outset, that the video isn’t about them—it’s about you.  They’re the professionals, but their goal will be to bring your creative vision to life—not theirs.

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