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3 Tips for Creating Your TV Ad Message

3 Tips for Creating Your TV Ad MessageYou can have the most beautiful production value in your television commercial and purchase the most visible schedule in which to air your ad, and still not see results. Why? It’s all about the message and content. Today we’re highlighting three tips to crafting the ideal message for results.

Call To Action

It’s imperative when creating your television ad campaign to have a direct call to action. Whether it be to call your store, shop your website, or take advantage of a seasonal sale, be sure to start and end your spot with the CTA you plan to benchmark for results.

Lead with Your Best Foot Forward

Sometimes, businesses think if there is a product or service that is underperforming, that it must be the focal point of the commercial. However, it’s best to instead lead with your best, highest performing product or service, to achieve the best results with your campaign. If you’re known for something specific in your industry or find that most people purchase from you from one particular ‘entry point,’ use that in your message. You will maximize reach and frequency, increase potential results, and once those customers have purchased from you, you can then target them secondarily for those secondary services.

Keeping It Simple

It’s important not to overwhelm your audience with too much information. Typically, television ads are 30 seconds, although some companies prefer 15s or 60s. Regardless, there’s not enough time to feature all of your products, services, or details. If you have the highest production value, strong calls to action, and are leading with your best product, you could still lose interest by including too much information about your company. Instead, reinforce your core message simply and provide website information or options for potential buyers to find additional information elsewhere.

Creating the best message for you television advertising can help you increase ROI of the overall campaign. If you need more ideas on how to draft yours, contact us! We can help you through every stage of the production process.