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Unleashing the Power of Direct Response Television: DRTV Marketing

3 Times Television Advertising

3 Times Television AdvertisingCongratulations! You’ve decided to move forward with television advertising. You have an allotted budget and a general idea of what you’d like to achieve with your campaign. Before you leap to commit to your local station, let’s make sure you avoid three major pitfalls of television advertising.

You Buy What You Like

You may not be a fan of football, but if your ideal customers are Men 25-54, football might be a good buy. Before you decide on your campaign purchases, build a client persona of your ideal customer and find out what television programming that persona most dials into. Remember, you’re not advertising for you, you’re trying to position your message in front of the demographic that generates your revenue.

You Try To Sell Your Worst Product

Promoting your worst product when you should be leading with your best is one of the biggest advertising mistakes ever. Don’t go through your store and look for the product that has collected dust and then hope for magical results by advertising that product on television. Instead, identify the best selling product or the flagship service that makes you the greatest. Build a television campaign around your best. Then watch as the people flood into your store – and maybe even buy that worst selling product after all.

The Bad Creative

We’ve all seen a commercial that made us cringe. Terrible acting, terrible dialogue or maybe annoying spokesperson. In fact, some of the worst commercials are those that fail at getting your attention at all. Avoid creative pitfalls like overuse of basic catch phrases, ‘state of the art’ or ‘we’re the best’ or ‘customer service is key.’ Stop reusing the adages and break out with something new or fresh that hasn’t been done before! If you’re going to invest in the campaign, make sure your creative layout doesn’t sabotage your efforts.

Navigating a successful television advertising buy can be tricky. You don’t have to go it alone. Make sure you avoid these advertising pitfalls, and others. Contact us today!