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3 Things That Successful TV Commercials Have in Common

3 Things That Successful TV Commercials Have in Common

3 Things That Successful TV Commercials Have in CommonHave you ever thought about what your favorite TV commercials have in common? Most of us don’t bother to think about this until we have to make a TV commercial of our own. So if you are in this position, it’s a good idea to sit down and think about what successful TV commercials are like. Here are a few things that you may find they have in common:

Flawless Presentation

TV is a pretty demanding medium, and TV watchers have become quite picky about the types of TV commercials they like. The first thing they look for is flawless presentation.

So the commercial needs to be well-shot, from a variety of angles. It needs to have good sound, with a voiceover or background music, as necessary. It also needs to have good lighting; the visuals need to be bright and cheery. Plus, the editing of the commercial is really important to allow for the segue between one shot and the next.

Great Script/Concept

You may have flawless presentation, but just that is not going to be enough. It’s even more important to have a great script with a good concept. The concept/script needs to be able to grab the viewer while the presentation will keep them watching until the end.

The connection between presentation and concept is the same as the connection between form and content. So obviously both, the form and content, need to be good.

Call to Action

You may think that people don’t need to be told “the moral of the story,” so you might not think that a call to action is necessary. But every commercial needs to have some takeaway, and this is why you must have a “call to action.”

When the viewer has forgotten all about watching the commercial several hours earlier, the call to action will still stay in their mind. And if they happen to come across the product, it will definitely catch their attention. So be sure to include one, either via a voiceover or the actor/model in the commercial.

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