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Video production in Tampa provides companies regardless of size the ability to create custom made advertisements which can be featured on television spots, online or complete video infomercials. All of these types of advertising can help companies increase brand recognition, drive demand and increase sales when the video appearance is done professionally which does not look homemade or done on the average desktop computer. Video production in Tampa can offer the ability to use both indoor and outdoor shooting areas include the sandy beaches of Florida on the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean. The Florida Keys also provides a tranquil setting for shooting commercials about vacation and leisure products. Production services for tourist products can be accomplished in Tampa or nearby in Orlando, which is home to many large theme parks as well as other popular tourist attractions, including dinner shows and air boat tours of the Everglades.

Video production in Tampa may include the use of blue or green screens for indoor productions. The actors stand in front of the blue or green screen and perform their lines and other directions given while the video production is being filmed. After completion of the shoot, during post-production a computer is used to add computer generated images which look real and provide flexibility in being able to have the commercial background feature any location desired, such as Paris, New York, London, or even outer space. Computer animation can also be added to include animated cartoons or other animated graphics should they be desired. Video production in Tampa can provide companies with the ability to create professional video productions without the expense of a Hollywood production company. Independent film makers often use production companies which can provide full services but without the added expenses of large studios in California. Public broadcasting and public cable access channels often have air time available for people to create their own television shows either recorded or live and the use of a production company can allow the program to be a success. Internet video advertising is becoming more popular as more people are seeking information online and with high speed internet services, video downloads are increasing at a regular rate.

Companies can use Video productions in Tampa to help them create their own unique online video productions or commercials to reach even greater audiences. Online training videos can be created for companies looking to provide affordable training solutions for customers who may not be able to afford traditional classroom training sessions. Vistamax Productions,, provides any size company or organization with Video production in Tampa, the surrounding areas and nationally. No project is too small or too big for Vistamax. This production company is a full service studio offering complete solutions including, directing, producing, hair, make-up, lighting, costumes and full post-production support. Vistamax offers video samples on its website which include infomercials, commercials, television shows, live switching, education and training and real estate. For more information about video production services or to request a quote, call 813-907-1010.

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