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Businesses of all sizes set aside money for advertising the products and services which they offer. Advertising can be accomplished in different formats in order to reach the target audience desired. Some companies may use Video productions services in Tampa, Florida to create video advertisements. Other companies may take out advertisements in local newspapers ranging from small box ads in a corner to full page color ads. While other businesses may use billboards, rent space on public buses, print inserts which can be included with the local newspaper or bulk mailed, or even use the internet through banner ads or full videos. Video production services in Tampa, Florida can help provide assistance to organizations of all sizes looking to increase revenues by reaching a wider audience through the use of commercials, infomercials, or online video advertising.

Advertising on television goes back to 1941 when the first commercial appeared on July 1 in New York City prior to the start of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball game. The commercial cost $9 and was only twenty seconds long which advertised Bulova watches. These early commercials were not high tech like today’s commercials which are made possible through the use of Video production services in Tampa, Florida as well as other places. Early commercials would often feature the product on a display with a backdrop while someone provided a voice over describing the product. In order to increase even more appear for a product, advertising campaigns were created which included a special catch phrase or musical jingle. The use of catch phrases and jingles were designed so that when the commercial was over, the message would remain in the viewer’s mind far longer. The ability to repeat the same commercial over and over, along with the use of either a jingle or catch phrase drove the message even farther.

Companies were able to drive brand recognition further than before and some catch phrases have become part of the pop culture history, such as Wendy’s advertisements from the 1980s which featured actress Clara Peller and used the catch phrase, “Where’s the beef?” Today the use of video production services in Tampa, Florida or elsewhere can help an organization create a video advertisement which will help create better product awareness as well as increase brand imaging. Since commercials can be aired over and over many organizations will create the best advertising message by investing as much money as possible. Video production services in Tampa, Florida can provide organizations with several different options for producing commercials and post-production editing. Music soundtracks, sound effects, animation and other items can be added post-production. The use of blue screen and green screen technologies can further enhance the production possibilities for creating over-the-top advertisements. Vistamax Productions,, provides video production services in Tampa, Florida and nationally. The company offers a variety of creative production services for all video media outlets, including education, corporate, internet and cable. Vistamax has worked with large corporations as well as small businesses to create video productions regardless of the organizations size or budget. For more information or for a quote, call 813-907-1010.

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