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Video advertising drives a message about a product, service or organization to increase brand awareness, increase demand and drive sales. While television commercials are the most popular form of video advertising known to people, there are other types of video advertising available, such as placing commercials online at popular websites. As more and more people are accessing information on the internet, video advertising is also increasing. Video production services in Tampa can assist local, regional and national companies with creating video commercials for use on television or online. In the past, commercials were often accompanied by a catchy tune or phrase which people would end up humming or saying long after the commercial was over.

Many of the products’ jingles and catch phrases have gone on to become part of American pop culture history, such as Tootsie Roll’s animated commercial featuring a child asking an owl “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?” This particular commercial was aired for over thirty years with fifteen, thirty and sixty second spots. Video production services in Tampa can help an organization in creating a catch phrase or unique musical jingle to accompany their advertisement, which could possibly become the next big catch phrase. Video production service in Tampa can provide assistance with creating a video commercial for an organization using the latest technologies which could include blue screen, green screen, computer animation and high definition options. Blue or green screens are where the actors are filmed during the commercial and the background is filled in during post production using computers.

Animation, and other locations and settings it would be difficult or impossible to shoot a commercial, such as on the moon, can be added which allows companies endless possibilities when creating brand messaging and marketing of products and services. Television advertising has become one of the most popular advertising medias for organizations. However, the invention of digital video recording devices, which allow people to skip commercials, is causing some concern which force companies to become even more creative in their video advertising. Commercials which stand out and catch people’s attention will cause them to rewind and watch the commercial, such as Discover Card’s “My name is Peggy” advertisements which have become a pop culture following and prompted new installments to be created. Video production services in Tampa can assist with production, direction and creation of advertisements which will cause people to back up their DVR and watch your company’s spot.

Vistamax,, has been assisting organizations with Video production services in Tampa since 1997 and was founded by professionals from the motion picture, television and advertising industries. The company is a full production unit and manages all aspects of directing and producing a commercial, including sound, lighting, costumes, hair and make-up. Vistamax Productions works with any size organization, including small businesses to large corporations. Vistamax offers a variety of Video production services in Tampa which include commercial, infomercials, television shows, live broadcasting, educational and training videos and real estate videos. For more information about video production services or to receive a quote, call 813-907-1010.

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