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It is imperative that you put some thought into the film and video production company that you choose to hire for your project. Choosing the right group of professionals can ensure that you have a phenomenal experience and a high quality finished project. Unfortunately, not all film and video production companies are qualified and far too many people learn this lesson the hard way. So, how do you know that the team of professionals who you hire are right for the job?

Choose an Established Company?

You will find that there are an obscene number of here today, gone tomorrow film and video production companies eager for your business. Really, they are eager to take your money. Without an established reputation in the industry how are you suppose to know if they are qualified to handle your project or not? Just because someone prints up business cards, rents a front office and a few cameras and throws on a nice suit does not make a reputable film and video production company that you should even be considering investing your time and money with.

Vistamax Productions has been in the film and video production since 1997 and they have quite an impressive portfolio to prove it. Although they work with big names such as Verizon Wireless, NASCAR and Anheuser-Busch, they also very much enjoy taking on projects with small companies who have the desire to create films. They feel that no project is too small or big and treat all of their clients with the same level of unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Evaluating Staff

Regardless of the size of the project you are hiring your film and video production crew for, you want a full staff that specializes in their department. Vistamax offers directions, producers, writers, cinematographers, grips, gaffers, makeup and hair professionals, stylists, production audio and more to ensure that your needs will be met regardless of size or detail.They are a film and video production company who also offers an extensive variety of post production services so there is never a reason to have to hire a second company to finish the job. Their graphic artists, editors and audio are qualified to adhere to television broadcast standards and their editing suites are filled with only the latest software and equipment so your project is finished quickly and efficiently.

Do you need music for your project? Vistamax is a film and video production company who offers a large music library or they can custom make music as well as any sound effects that you need. Not to mention, they have a well-known creative team who can create animation graphics, logos and special effects as well. Once you are completely satisfied with the final result, they have the capability to output your product to various formats including standard definition, high definition and even web-friendly formats.Vistamax Productions is a film and video production company with a client list consisting of names such as Animal Planet, America Cancer Society, Broadcast News Corp., Microsoft, NASCAR, PGA Tour, Progress Energy, Radio City Entertainment, SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Busch Gardens, Time Warner, Walt Disney Company, Wild Adventures Theme Park and many more. Visit them online at or contact them at [email protected] or 813-907-1010. No matter what size project you have in mind, this is the right film and video production company for you.

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