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DRTV is simply an abbreviation for Direct Response Television. So, what does this mean and why do you need a company such as Vistamax to achieve these types of production goals? Well, if you have a product or service to sell, you need a quality commercial or infomercial to get you there. Sure, a generic, mediocre one will get your name out there but it is not going to demand a response. You want something that will make viewers want to pick up the phone, jump on the internet or at least write the contact information down for later use.DRTV refers to the short commercials that often last one to two minutes. It also covers the half hour paid programming spots that are created where viewers are persuaded to place an immediate order online or over the phone before the airtime ends. This is usually done so with the use of attractive incentives and/or discounts.

Do You Need DRTV or a Commercial?

How do you determine if you need DRTV or a traditional branded commercial made? You really need to just evaluate your goals and objectives. If you are just looking to get your product or service into the minds of viewers, you need a traditional commercial made. On the other hand, if you have something to sell with special offers that are time sensitive or you want a big boost in sales really fast, DRTV is what you are looking for.You should also understand that lead-generating commercials are considered DRTV as well. If you are not sure if you need a commercial or DRTV, the professionals at Vistamax Productions are more than happy to sit down with you and help you determine your exact needs.

Why is DRTV Recommended?

Unlike traditional branded commercials where you really don’t know if an increase in sales is a direct result of them or not, with DRTV, it is easy to measure exactly how effective your marketing campaign is. Television is considered to be the most powerful medium for advertisers because you are able to stimulate the viewer both visually and through sound whereas with radio, you lose this powerful visual effect.DRTV is proven to have an unrivaled power for creating an impulse to buy immediately with the viewers. Now, not all infomercials work the way that they should. It is crucial that for the most profitable results, you must use highly experienced producers for the creation. Vistamax has an impressive portfolio when it comes to their experience in shooting DRTV. DRTV has literally created tremendous demand and overnight sensations for products in the past when done properly. Another great thing about this medium is that since you can measure response immediately,

if something is not working the way that you hoped that it would, you can continually tweak the ad until you find success. If your DRTV campaign is successful, you’ll often build quite a loyal customer base who will continue to purchase additional products that you have or happen to add in the future. Although it is already proven that certain products do better with DRTV than others, you really don’t know your potential for success until you try. Popular items include health, beauty, fitness, weight-loss, skincare, hair and makeup products and dietary supplements. Visit the Vistamax Productions website to view their impressive and successful collection of DRTV work. You can also contact them with any questions at [email protected] or 813-907-1010. If you need to see a quick burst in sales, DRTV may be the most effective method for you to realize your goals.

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