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It’s a familiar scenario. You’re sitting in your home watching television when an ad comes up. It deals with some important product or service that you have been interested in for a while. The ad doesn’t run for very long. Within a matter of seconds it’s over. But it ends with a simply instruction. ‘Call now’. Intrigued you reach over to grab your phone. Welcome to the world of direct Response TV. Since the introduction of the idea, direct Response TV (or DRTV as it is sometimes described) has quickly grown to become one of the most productive methods of advertising. More than 60% of television viewers get to watch some form of direct response TV every day.

The attraction and pull of this form of television has led to the generation of billions of dollars. Despite the evolution of alternate forms of communication and advertising over the web, DRTV is still actively used by companies around the world. There are several important factors that need to come into play in order for a direct response TV ad to be successful. One of these is the quality of the video. Every year, companies invest millions of dollars into creating high quality videos for top ad spots like the super bowl. The reason is simple. Customers tend to respond better if the quality of the video is seen to be high. A properly produced ad does not only advertise the product and offer but also the image of the company.

As such, a stylish ad will speak about a company’s charismatic approach while a poorly edited ad will hint at a company’s poor organizational skills. In order for a direct response TV ad to be of acceptable quality, it will need to be filmed with the same attention to detail that is given to other video forms such as shows or feature films. More to the point, there will need to be a proper script, efficient video crew and a capable director who is able to get the best shots. All of these can be obtained by choosing the right commercial video production company. Even thought there are constant stories being told about million dollar ads, it is important to realize that quality direct response TV ads can actually be shot for much less.

All that people will need to do is carefully search for the video production companies that have the skill, film crew and video production hardware to provide what they need at a cost that they can afford. With the right approach it is possible for people to find direct response TV companies that can shoot the videos that they need at only a fraction of their expected cost. An example of a reliable company to visit for direct response TV videos is Vistamax. With high profile clients such as Verizon Wireless and NASCAR among its extensive portfolio, Vistamax is respected for the high attention to detail and quality in its video production. For more information on direct response TV ads and infomercials, visit

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